Alvimedica Opens Class 10,000 Cleanroom in Çatalca, Turkey

Alvinmedica's Çatalca Opening Ceremony

Alvinmedica's Çatalca Opening Ceremony

Alvimedica, has been producing medical technology worldwide in Turkey, the factory has opened a facility accommodating Europe’s biggest `10.000 Class Clean-Room (sterilized production area). Minister of Health Recep Akda? who opened the factory said; “We are proud to open this building that proves the point in medical technology, Turkey has come to today. The catheters produced here are being copied by other countries.”

Alvimedica is the first and the only company in Turkey that produces angioplasty balloon catheters and stents, set out to be the world’s 4th biggest catheter producer with its production facility and improved technologies. The opening ribbon has been cut together with Minister of Health Recep Akda? and General Manager of Alvimedica Dr Cem F. Bozkurt. The foundation has been laid in ‘Çatalca Free Zone Area’ in May 2008. General Manger of Alvimedica Dr Cem F Bozkurt has spoken in the opening of the facility that is based on 5.500 m2 area, whilst saying we will have achieved our income 4 times more so it will be 22 million dollars in 2009, also said “more importantly, we have got to a point we sell technology in medical science. We compete with giants. Chinese copies our productions. However they could not get even close to our quality.”

At the production facility with its improved technology; balloon catheters and stents are produced, new technologies are being developed for stents. It has Europe’s biggest ‘Clean-Room” to ensure that articles are being produced in a sterile atmosphere in the factory. The production capacity is becoming five times more in this way. The factory had been established with hundred percent Turkish funds, the articles produced here are being exported to, beside Turkey; to Russia, People’s Republic of China, India, Iran, Egypt and South America. 4,5 million dollars has been allocated for R&D in the year 2009, which the factory is a 21 million dollars investment. The factory has made 6 million income in 2008, and Alvimedica targets 22 million dollars for 2009, export targets are expected to rise with new production facility. The sales are made as 60 percent to Turkish market and the rest of 40 percent made to 22 different countries achieved by Alvimedica, also 157 personnel employed in Çatalca factory.

General manager Dr Cem F. Bozkurt has answered questions in the press meeting, said that the most delighted news had come from oversea recently: “Prof Dr Renu Virmani who is the Director of International Pathology Registration (Recording) Centre called CVPath, has carried out a clinical study on Alvimedica’s stent Coracto, which is the first and the only cardiology angioplasty stent with completely biodegradable polymer. As a result of this study Dr Virmani, has observed that the article had cured the vessel illnesses, also meant that the high patient adaptability as well as its unique features for increased life quality. Virmani is one of the most reputable name in the world in this subject area. The praise he had shown taken all strain from us, encouraged us to work for new improvements.”

The Minister of Health Minister Recep Akda? officially has opened the facility, remarked that this facility shows the power of Turkish entrepreneurs. As the Ministry we champion equal implementing the transform in health program, a heart attack patient who would be 78 years old could be taken to hospital from his small village by helicopter ambulance once treated 3 days later could be returned to his village H?n?s in Erzurum by this means. Akda? pointed out that Transform in health programs one of the important step is using technology being cheaper, said “Today MR could cost in Spain 250 euro, $200 dollar in Yemen. This means it costs 550 TL in Spain, 300 TL in Yemen. A quality MR take could barely cost 80 lira in Turkey.”

Akda? mentioned one of the reason for being successful in health services that the technology has been used in rational way, “Today we send 100’s of people in numbers to overseas from Turkey. However, thousands of people come to Turkey to be treated from overseas. I hope that it has been taken first step developing to become organized area in medical materials in Çatalca. I could see the excitement and the potential in here. If we constantly depend on abroad it would be hard to cope with the cost”.

Source : Alvimedica

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