Gowning Procedure

Individual cleanrooms will have their own gowning up guidelines and procedures. The following is an example of a gowning up procedure: Gowning up should be carried out in this order: Face Mask, Safety Glasses, Hood, Coverall (bunny suit), Shoe covers/boots and finally Clean room gloves.

Individual cleanroom policy should be followed when deciding what to do with the protective clothing once it has been used. This will largely depend on whether the garments are disposable or reusable. Gowning up will usually take place in the gowning room where there will be a stepover bench that spans the width of the room. The area at one side of the stepover bench is “dirty” and the other is “clean”.

Gowning up starts on the dirty side and as you place a cover on each shoe, move the foot over the bench and place it on the clean side. This ensures that no dirt is carried into the clean side of the gowning room.

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