What is ISO 14644?

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ISO 14644 is the international standard used to design, construct, validate and operate a cleanroom. The standard was first published in 1999, and replaced the former US Federal Standard 209E in 2001. The Standard ISO 14644 is composed of the following parts:

  • ISO 14644-1: Classification of air cleanliness
  • ISO/DIS 14644-1.: Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration
  • ISO 14644-2: Specifications for testing and monitoring to prove continued compliance with ISO 14644-1
  • ISO/DIS 14644-2.2: Monitoring to provide evidence of cleanroom performance related to air cleanliness by particle concentration
  • ISO 14644-3: Test Methods
  • ISO 14644-4: Design, Construction, and Start-up
  • ISO 14644-5: Operations
  • ISO 14644-6: Vocabulary
  • ISO 14644-7: Separative devices (clean air hoods, gloveboxes, isolators and minienvironments
  • ISO 14644-8: Classification of airborne molecular contamination
  • ISO 14644-9: Classification of surface particle cleanliness
  • ISO 14644-10: Classification of Surface Cleanliness by Chemical Concentration
  • ISO 14644-12: Classification of Air Cleanliness by Nanoscale Particle Concentration

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