Valutek Releases Cleanroom Adhesive Mats Instructional Videos

valutek_vidsCleanroom adhesive “tacky” mats are a frontline defense against outside foot-borne contamination for every critical environment. But adhesive mats must be stored, placed and used properly to ensure optimum performance.
Improper placement of an adhesive mat can actually generate opportunity for contamination, noted Valutek CEO Greg Heiland. “Delamination of the mat from the floor can create undisturbed pockets of space,” he explained. “These spaces become a safe harbor for contaminants and particles. If you follow the steps in our video on how to place an adhesive mat, you can avoid this.”

“How to Properly Place an Adhesive Mat” is one of the short demo videos in the Valutek Instructional Video Series on adhesive mats. The series is completely free and available to anyone in the industry. Other useful critical environment videos in the series include “How to Store a Cleanroom Adhesive Mat” and “How to Remove an Adhesive Mat Sheet.”

These instructional videos are the latest in Valutek’s ongoing effort to educate and provide free tools to the controlled environment industry. Every video created by Valutek can be viewed on multiple sites, to make the information as accessible as possible to cleanroom operators and managers:

Valutek’s Web site:

Valutek’s YouTube Channel:

The Valutek instructional and educational video archive also includes a series on cleanroom wipers, hosted by Dr. Howard Siegerman. The Pre-Wetted Wipers Video Series features Dr. Siegerman as he discusses several helpful topics related to controlled environment wipes.

All Valutek videos can be accessed using the URLs listed above or by going to and clicking on the “Resources” tab.

The Outfitter of Cleanroom Operators — What is the No. 1 goal in a critical environment? To produce consistent and high-quality product and research, right? And that starts with a cleanroom’s operators. You operate your controlled environment to ensure consistency of your product and research, and getting your operators to perform at their highest level is a very demanding task.

At Valutek, we get that.

With 23 years in the controlled environment industry, we know that a cleanroom can be a very uncomfortable place to work: it’s cold, it’s sterile and it’s hard work. We know what operators care about when it comes to consumables: comfort, fit and function. We also know what matters to you: cost, quality and compliance. By using Valutek for all of your cleanroom consumable needs – from apparel to gloves, wipers to mops – operators can get back to concentrating on their critical tasks, not focusing on an uncomfortable garment.

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