Stainless Steel Jib Cranes and Hoists for the Food Processing Industry

The David Round Company, has announced a complete line of stainless steel material handling equipment for the food processing industry. The stainless jib cranes, floor cranes, chain hoists, wire rope hoist and strap hoist products are all completely unpainted, which eliminates peeling or flaking paint and related regulatory issues. Many clean room environments prohibit even FDA-approved epoxy paints for this reason.

Stainless steel jib crane products are available in both wall-mounted and freestanding configurations, with capabilities up to 2 tons. They withstand aggressive wash-down cleaning compounds, below-zero conditions and exposure to steam and other high temperature vapors.

Stainless steel chain hoists are available in either manual or electrically-powered versions, with capacities up to 2 tons. All feature sealed gearing, food grade lubrication, stainless hooks, lifting chain, frames and trolleys.

A complete line of complementary equipment for clean room hoists and jib cranes is available from David Round, including

- Stainless Steel gearbox casing and shafts
- Food-grade chain and gearbox lubrication
- 304 Series Stainless Steel chain
- Stainless Steel forged safety swivel hook
- Stainless Steel chain container
- Stainless Steel motor(s)
- NEMA 4X stainless Steel motor brake
- NEMA 4X stainless Steel enclosure
- NEMA 4X push-button pendant
- Upper/lower hook position limit switch
- 230/460 Volts – 60 Hz – 3 Phase
- Pneumatic Power

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    Excellent features. Jib Crane has a multitude of uses that can be utilized in just about any type of business, whether it is large or small. Maneuverability, ease of use, versatility and strength make the Crane one of the most popular and most used pieces of equipment today. Jib cranes are typically smaller in size, which make them perfect for industrial purposes. The cranes are often referred to simply as hoists.

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