Smart Fog Releases Commercial Humidifiers for Cleanrooms

smartfogSmart Fog Inc announced this week the new standard in clean non-wetting humidification. Packed with hygienic features new Smart Fog commercial humidifier is ideal for clean room environments. The commercial humidifier is ideal for electrostatic control, precise relative humidity control and energy-efficient evaporative cooling. In addition, the humidifier can be utilized to disinfect and sanitize the targeted environment.

For clean rooms and laboratories it is critical for the air to be clean of particles and contamination. Smart Fog utilizes filters to ensure the air and water injected into the air does not contain any contaminating particles.

The key factor in precise humidification is distribution. Smart Fog has developed a unique technology which allows every droplet to be distributed into the targeted area very quickly causes the humidity to stabilize.

Smart Fog humidification system can be mounted inside the room directly in the target is space or can be hidden inside the HVAC ductwork.

Smart Fog unique technology and algorithms, allows the system to operate accurately with no more 1% difference.

We at “Smart Fog” has always put the focus on engineering systems that can last a generation. Saving resources, energy and water is key in providing greener better future” explains Ido Goldstein at Smart Fog.

About Smart Fog Inc

In business since 1980, Smart Fog Inc. is the recognized world leader in non-wetting commercial and industrial humidification solutions. Smart Fog’s unique technology provides precise humidity enforcement, light speed uniform coverage and intelligent non-fluctuating humidity control. All Smart Fog products are all engineered and manufactured in the USA. Smart Fog staffs a full range of engineers to advise commercial printers, in-plants, and manufacturers on humidity management and environmental control for operation efficiency and employee comfort.

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