PortaFab Introduces New Light Weight Cleanroom Wall System

portafabIn its continuing effort to improve the flexibility and cost effectiveness of its modular cleanroom systems, PortaFab has introduced a new light weight framed wall system to its FabLine series. The new Fabline Framed LT series is similar in functionality to its current product line, but lighter in weight and lower in cost.

Designed specifically for microelectronic and nanotechnology applications that require extensive bulkheading around tools this system features vertical and horizontal members that are easily connected to each other. The unique design simplifies construction and provides air tight seals around equipment for minimum loss of room pressurization. The new wall system combines several advantages of modular construction including, high durability, design versatility and simplified installation.

The Fabline Framed LT features non-progressive and demountable construction with pre-engineered components designed to integrate with other FabLine cleanroom systems. The highly flexible design accommodates ¼”, ½” and 2” wall panels that that typically consist of aluminum honeycomb core sandwiched between two aluminum sheets.

“The primary goal behind the development of the Fabline Framed LT wall system was to reduce the cost of our systems without sacrificing quality or functionality,” said Wayne McGee, President of PortaFab. “The new system costs less to manufacture than traditional systems and consequently allows us to design cleanrooms that are more cost effective.”

The FabLine Framed LT joins PortaFab’s existing lines of modular clean rooms that include load-bearing, batten, strut and liner wall systems that integrate with a variety of cleanroom ceilings, windows, doors and other components.

“The introduction of the Fabline Framed LT system reflects our continued pursuit of new designs and technologies that enhance the functionality, improve the flexibility and reduce the costs associated with cleanroom construction. Our investment in this new wall system further demonstrates our commitment to this market and we are excited by the growth opportunities it presents,” said Wayne McGee.

About PortaFab Cleanroom Systems
Located in Chesterfield, Missouri, PortaFab Cleanroom Systems is a division PortaFab Corporation, a leader in the manufacturing and design of pre-engineered modular building systems for over 25 years. PortaFab Cleanroom Systems manufactures modular cleanroom systems including wall partitions, ceiling systems and windows under the trade names CleanLine, FabLine, and PharmaSystem. PortaFab’s products are sold through a worldwide network of cleanroom contractors. For more information, visit http://www.portafab.com

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