Oxtex takes next step towards production of intelligent tissue expander

oxtexOxtex Limited, a recent spinout from the University of Oxford, has taken the next step towards full scale production of its novel hydrogel tissue expanders. Its quality management systems have been certified to ISO 13845:2003 for the “design, development and manufacture of self-inflating hydrogel tissue expanders”.

David Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, said, “This is a significant achievement for Oxtex and is an endorsement of our processes and our attention to detail. It confirms that our quality management systems meet all the regulatory requirements for the production of medical devices, and it opens the door for us to begin our first clinical trials which will mark a major milestone for the company.”

Oxtex products have applications in scar reconstruction, the treatment of congenital craniofacial conditions and limb deformities, and in restorative dentistry, and they give surgeons a new level of control. For the first time, surgeons will be able to accurately and predictably control the direction, the timing, and rate of in vivo expansion. This reduces the risk of soft tissue damage and associated complications, and makes them ideal for use in delicate anatomical locations, and particularly in the treatment of children. In addition, clinicians should be able to treat more cases, at a lower cost, and with better results.

Further background information and a description of the science behind tissue expansion can be found at http://www.oxtex.com

About Oxtex Limited
Oxtex Limited was incorporated in Spring 2011 as a spinout from the University of Oxford. In a short period of time it has attracted over half-a-million pounds of seed funding from investors with strong track records of funding and supporting successful medical-based startups.

In September 2011, Oxtex won “Best Emerging Medtech” at the annual OBN Annual Bioscience Awards. It also appointed its first Chairman, Dr Nicholas Edwards, a former partner at Accenture.

In December 2011, Oxtex commissioned its clean-room manufacturing facility within the University of Oxford.

In March 2012, Oxtex was successful in its bid for £65,000 of funding from the UK’s national innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) to scale-up its manufacturing process.

In September 2012, Oxtex won “Best New Medtech Product” at the annual OBN Annual Bioscience Awards, in recognition of “impressive and rapid” progress.

In March 2013, Oxtex was successful in securing a £1.2M High Impact Research Grant from the University of Malaysia.

In June 2013 it was certified to ISO ISO 13845:2003 standard for the “design, development and manufacture of self-inflating hydrogel tissue expanders”.

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