NWO Contributes €1.59m Funding For MOVPE Reactor For Eindhoven University Cleanroom

nwoThe newest type of MOVPE (Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy) reactor is being installed in the cleanroom at Eindhoven University of Technology in order to grow semiconducting nanothreads. This reactor allows researchers to monitor and control the growth process with extreme precision. They will be able to produce new combinations of materials in a nanothread, with sharp atomic transitions. Nanothreads open up the doors for entirely new possibilities in applications such as LEDs, solar cells, chemical and biochemical sensors and transistors, yet also for light sources emitting a single photon, which are interesting for information technology. The NWO contribution is 1,590,000 euro.

About NWO
The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is the principal Dutch science funding body and its mission is to facilitate excellent scientific research in the Netherlands by means of national competition. Each year NWO spends more than 700 million euro on grants for top researchers, on innovative instruments and equipment, and on institutes where top research is performed. NWO funds the research of more than 5300 talented researchers at universities and institutes. Independent experts select proposals by means of a peer review system. NWO facilitates the transfer of knowledge to society.

Source : NWO

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