New Pass-Through Windows and Doors from Terra Universal

passConvenience is a critical factor to ensuring a smooth and efficient process in certain work environments. Workers, crew or staff need solutions that eliminate the inefficiency and delay of otherwise unnecessary foot traffic, or to issues associated with passing of materials, documents and other items through spaces that are often unsafe, regulated, or secured.

Terra Universal, the premier manufacturer specializing in critical environment applications, streamlines the materials transfer process with their new Pass-Through Convenience Windows and Doors. Their suite of pass-through windows caters to pharmacies, labs and other offices that have regulated environments where employees need a fast, easy way to pass materials and documents from one room to another.

Detailed at, the Convenience Door is made of 1/2″ tempered glass or opaque polypropylene, depending on the desired view into the other room. It is also available in a fire-rated design consisting of a self-closing 304 stainless steel access panel door.

Two convenient door configurations are available. The swing door can be pulled or pushed open from either side and includes a door stop that can be engaged to prevent opening the door toward the shelf, pushing items onto the floor. The sliding pass-through door can also be opened from either side and is mounted on spring-loaded rollers that smoothly glide the door in a polypropylene track. Springs keep the rollers engaged with the track, ensuring fluid door movement without derailment.

Floor model Pass-Through Convenience Doors can be installed for rooms that require the need to pass larger items, such as rolling carts, to adjacent rooms. The floor model’s opening includes a swing door and is framed on all four sides to ensure stability.

The Pass-Through Convenience Window is a portal installed into walls that normally do not require strict, between-room environmental control, such as differential pressure, in order to streamline workflow and communication. Simplifying the transfer of parts, materials and documents between rooms, the easy-clean Convenience Windows also come with a reinforced shelf to gives users a place to set materials or documents.

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About Terra Universal
Terra Universal is the leading manufacturing expert in critical environment applications, with over 35 years of design and fabrication experience in cleanroom-related industries. Terra manufactures comprehensive lines of critical environment solutions including modular cleanrooms, glove boxes, laminar flow hoods and laboratory furniture designed to meet customer requirements.

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