Lettuce Made In A Cleanroom Farm – The Future Of Food Production?

Plant Factory in Japan (Photo by Getty Images)

Plant Factory in Japan (Photo by Getty Images)













Japanese scientists at the Ozu Corporation have developed a process to grow lettuce in a perfectly sterile environment without any exposure to outside air. The sterile environment removes the risks of dirt, chemicals, pesticides, insects and bacteria being on the lettuce, essentially meaning that it’s unnecessary for the customers to even wash the lettuce. The customer can also buy the lettuce knowing that it is completely contaminate free.

These cleanroom farms are know as plant factories in Japan, and every element of the plant’s environment is controlled from the temperature, to lighting, humidity, water and carbon dioxide level. A major advantage that these plant factories have over the traditional commoner garden, is that the increase production by just leaving the lights on, thus operating 24-7. This leads to a cropping of up to 20 times per annum, and the biggest factories produce 3 million heads of lettuce a year.

As well as lettuce the plant factories make garland chrysanthemums.


  1. would like to build in saudi arabia and marketting for the system

  2. Nice. This looks far more cleaner than a normal farm.

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