Stand-alone Stations

Stand-alone StationsCreate your ideal workstation starting with this kit. This system includes all the necessary components and hardware to construct a single station. Appropriate for all applications. Frame height is 64″ tall unless otherwise specified.

To create your ideal workstation, try our on-line 3D Workstation Configurator

Standard Laminate
> Workstation, 30″D x 36″W (Item #1003)
> Workstation, 30″D x 48″W (Item #1000)
> Workstation, 30″D x 60″W (Item #1005)
> Workstation, 30″D x 72″W (Item #1010)
> Workstation, 36″D x 36″W (Item #1004)
> Workstation, 36″D x 48″W (Item #1001)
> Workstation, 36″D x 60″W (Item #1006)
> Workstation, 36″D x 72″W (Item #1011)

For more information please visit Production Basics Stand-alone Stations.

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