C-Leg Series Stand-Alone Stations

C-Leg Series Stand-Alone StationsCreate your ideal workstation starting with this kit. This system includes all the necessary components and hardware to construct a single station. Appropriate for all applications. Frame height is 64″ tall unless otherwise specified.

To create your ideal workstation, try our on-line
3D Workstation Configurator

Standard Laminate
> WORKSTATION, 30″D x 36″W (Item #1003)
> WORKSTATION, 30″D x 48″W (Item #1000)
> WORKSTATION, 30″D x 60″W (Item #1005)
> WORKSTATION, 30″D x 72″W (Item #1010)
> WORKSTATION, 36″D x 36″W (Item #1004)
> WORKSTATION, 36″D x 48″W (Item #1001)
> WORKSTATION, 36″D x 60″W (Item #1006)
> WORKSTATION, 36″D x 72″W (Item #1011)

ESD Laminate
Measures within the static dissipative range of 106 to 109. Includes a standard ground bolt and wire to ensure positive charge drainage.
> WORKSTATION, ESD, 30″D x 36″W (Item #1103)
> WORKSTATION, ESD, 30″D x 48″W (Item #1100)
> WORKSTATION, ESD, 30″D x 60″W (Item #1105)
> WORKSTATION, ESD, 30″D x 72″W (Item #1110)
> WORKSTATION, ESD, 36″D x 36″W (Item #1104)
> WORKSTATION, ESD, 36″D x 48″W (Item #1101)
> WORKSTATION, ESD, 36″D x 60″W (Item #1106)
> WORKSTATION, ESD, 36″D x 72″W (Item #1111)

52″ Tall Frames
Workstations with 52″H Frames are available by choosing separate frame, leg and worksurface components. Visit the Frames and Legs section to start specifying.

For more information please visit Production Basics C-Leg Series Stand-Alone Stations.

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