Filamatic To Demonstrate Automatic And Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machines At Pack Expo 2010

Filimatic_Mini-MonoblocFILAMATIC, a division of National Instrument, LLC will be exhibiting at the Pack Expo Show, October 31-November 3, 2010 located at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. The company will be showcasing a wide variety of the liquid packaging machines in booth S-842 and have key people available in engineering, sales, and upper management.

The first of the two automatic liquid filling machines that will be demonstrated at the show is the Monobloc Fill/Finish Packaging System. This Monobloc is designed for small bottles and has the ability to run plastic Nalgene bottles as well as low volume glass bottles. The machine contains multiple pumps including two FILAMATIC pumps and an IVEK pump. The number of pumps allow for the change in commodities, permitting this machine the ability to run 14 different bottles. The Monobloc contains a manual trayer for lyophilization and will crimp and screw caps onto the bottles after the fill.

The DFS, or Digifil®, Integrated Filling System is the second automatic machine on display. FILAMATIC has integrated the DFS volumetric, continuous-motion liquid filler with the FILAMATIC continuous-motion stoppering system to complete this filling line. Operated by individual servo-motor drives, the electrically/air-operated production line is designed to fill and stopper 100 mL to 625 mL containers at production rates of up to ninety containers a minute. This machine is designed to operate in a laminar airflow environment, making it appealing to cleanroom facilities; the optional HEPA filter moves airflow downward and away from the bottles.

The semi-automatic AdaptaFilâ„¢ Benchtop, which made its debut at Pack Expo 2008, will be on display with multiple pumps as well as the AB Series Benchtop filler, which is the foundation of FILAMATIC.

Filamatic uses a proven base design and then the experience and expertise of the engineers to customize the equipment to meet the customer’s unique application and needs. Both of the automatic packaging lines are examples of this process and the semi-automatic Benchtops also have this same ability.

About Filamatic
Filamatic has been servicing the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, cosmetic, specialty chemical, personal care, contract packaging and food/beverage industries for over 50 years. Each unit is specifically manufactured to provide increased throughput and faster changeover while reducing downtime and increasing overall equipment effectiveness. For more information, visit

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