Collaboration Agreement Announced Between Oxford Instruments and ITRI, Taiwan

Oxford_InstrumentsOxford Instruments and the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan (ITRI) are delighted to announce that they have just signed a research-based collaboration agreement. The agreement is based on Oxford Instruments providing an HBLED related process research centre staffed by Oxford Instruments’ process engineers at ITRI, benefitting both ITRI and Oxford Instruments’ extensive Far Eastern customer base. ITRI is an applied research organisation working across multiple industrial technology fields, and since its inception in 1973, ITRI has been focussed on R&D related to industry, in order to improve domestic industrial technologies.

Leaders in etch, deposition and growth systems, Oxford Instruments will soon be installing several more systems in ITRI’s state-of the-art cleanroom facility. Oxford Instruments’ process engineers will have use of this and selected other equipment at the Institute, to provide process demonstrations and to support customers in the Far East in the performance of their tools.

This will in effect expand Oxford Instruments’ research capabilities so that the company can now provide its extensive process offering more effectively to customers in Asia. Oxford Instruments already has a number of systems installed at ITRI including a PlasmaPro System100 multi-chamber cluster tool incorporating PECVD, RIE and ALD, a PlasmaPro System100 ICP380 plasma etch tool and a PlasmaPro System80Plus PECVD plasma deposition tool, all used for advancing research at the facility.

Three further systems have been installed in the dedicated Oxford Instruments Optoelectronics Laboratory, and these are a PlasmaPro NGP1000 PECVD system, a PlasmaPro NGP1000 Etch system, and a PlasmaPro System133 ICP380, with additional tools to follow in the next phase.

Vice president of ITRI, Dr. Shing-Yuan Tsai comments: “In the materials chemical technology and nano technology fields, amongst others, ITRI collaborates with prominent industries in Taiwan and worldwide to develop and to promote the establishment of high-value industries and application of nanotechnology by traditional industries. Our collaboration with Oxford Instruments clearly shows that our research expertise and facilities are among the best in the world, and we are certain the relationship between our two organisations will be mutually beneficial.”

Jeffrey Seah, Head of Asia Sales at Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, is extremely positive about the collaboration: “As a global leader in systems and processes for etch, deposition and growth, Oxford Instruments has an established relationship with ITRI, with equipment already installed in their cleanroom. One of Oxford Instruments’ key objectives is to pursue responsible development and deeper understanding of the world through science and technology, and this collaboration with such a prestigious research institute is precisely the type of activity that will achieve this goal.”

Source : Oxford Instruments

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