Exclusives : Interview With Ofer Ravona Of A.Ravona

Ofer Ravona, Operations Manager at A.Ravona

Ofer Ravona, Operations Manager at A.Ravona Exclusives talks to A.Ravona’s Operations Manager Ofer Ravona. Ofer, who’s been employed at A. Ravona since 1995, is an integral member of a family owned and run business that was founded in 1965 by Albert Ravona. Ofer received his extensive experience both through education and in the military. Ofer attended Ort Technical School, and majored in Mechanical Engineering and he also served in a technical unit during his service in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Ofer has garnered over 20 years of progressive experience in the fields of: Construction plan and specification preparation, product specifications, component selection, Management in engineering work includes: supervising staff, managing engineering projects and managing and administering technology as it is applied in the field of environmentally controlled mini environments and containment solutions. : Thanks Ofer for taking the time to talk to Please tell us who A. Ravona are and what you do?

Ofer : A.Ravona is a family owned company, established in 1965 by the president of the company, Albert Ravona. The company specializes in manufacturing stainless steel Glove Box enclosures, which provide the ultimate processing environment for a host of containment and isolation applications. The company successfully produced hundreds of isolators/glove boxes working in Israel and large projects worldwide.

The fabrication of our Glove Boxes is produced entirely in our facility located in Holon industrial zone in Israel. From metal handling to pneumatic and electrical works and on to the most sophisticated PLC electronic controllers in both implementation and programming-all under one roof. : What was the highest performance glove box that you were asked to manufacture and how did you achieve this specification?

Ofer : The most challenging project we were asked to perform was a large EX-proof glove box for an internationally known and leading pharmaceutical company. We have implemented the most advanced mechanical, electric and electronics into this glove box to satisfy a host of activities the process required. The key to the project’s success was as in all our projects, the close relationship and cooperation with the clients on all levels, particularly at the detailed level. : What other apparatus for processing/manufacturing do you supply?

Ofer : Apart from special projects and creating solutions of many containment problems and controlled environments, A. Ravona manufactures stainless steel electric clean steam generators, stainless steel vacuum ovens (which may also integrated into glove boxes), stainless steel electric water distillation systems and stainless steel process tanks. : What advice would you give to a person wishing to purchase apparatus, such as a glove box, before they make a final decision? 

Ofer : Since purchasing such a product is not a one person decision I advise all perspective buyers to consult with the professional personal in their facility as well as with the end users. We always offer to supply a wooden mockup of the glove box in question for examination and approval of all practicability aspects, before proceeding with the actual steel fabrication. : Stainless Steel is the core material used in your glove boxes. Why is it this the best material?

Ofer : Glove boxes made of stainless steel are unquestionably structurally sound while at the same time self supporting and can be tailored as a firm/solid  platform on which other components can be efficiently and competently supported. The surface finish on the actual glove box can be natural at any required level, as there is no need for protective external finishes. Glove boxes made of stainless steel are eternally durable and suitable for an infinite number of needs. Stainless steel is a highly resistant material to most, if not all of the hostile chemicals as it proves to be both irrepressible and stable even under high temperatures and is not susceptible to structural failure.  Stainless steel is easily and readily  adaptable into complicated structures and its external surface can be primed for maintenance as well as low levels of contamination reception. : Where do you see the bulk of your business in 2010/2011 coming from?

Ofer : A.Ravona will continue to support the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries. We are exploring other usages of glove boxes/isolators in other industries such as the academic arena. : How have you adapted to remain competitive in the tough economic climate that we have at present?

Ofer : Since we are a private company, we have more flexibility when it comes to adapting to the economic climate, whatever it may be, in comparison to publicly held companies or big corporations we watch closely all aspects of managing our business from workforce working hours through prices of raw materials to the overall expanses, all of which never compromises our high quality of product. : What is your opinion on the current state of the clean room industry in Israel? And Globally?

Ofer : Israel, as a fact, has more engineers, and sees more scientific articles published, than any other country around the world. Israel has a ratio of 135 engineers for every 10,000 people. With continuing growth in the research industry, the need for controlled environments is increasing as well, resulting in the additional need for mini-environment solutions, requiring glove boxes /isolators. Clean room industry worldwide has evolved and still being evolved, more fields and industries are recognizing the benefit of clean room environment for their products, tastings and research ventures , resulting in continuing demand for clean room and supporting industries.

Our thanks to Ofer for taking the time to talk with Exclusives

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  1. Simon T

    We have great experience with A.Ravona over the years , they are real pros, will do anything to accomplish the tasks to match the needs , Thumbs up !

  2. Dina Hartman

    I’ve been dealing with A. Ravona for quite a few years now, and our company plans to continue doing business with this professional organization for what we hope will continue to be both productive and prosperous for both sides. I appreciate the way they deal with any requirements we have, whether big or small. May they continue as they have until now. Kudos to A. Ravona

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