Exclusives : Interview With Tom Delano Of Adam Equipment

Tom Delano : Business Development Manager For Adam Equipment

Tom Delano : Business Development Manager For Adam Equipment

Adam_Equipment Exclusives talks to Adam Equipments’ Business Development Manager Tom Delano. Tom’s experience spans over 20 years in the balance industry in a variety of areas including technical roles, product management, marketing and sales. : Remind our readers, who are Adam Equipment and what do you do?

Tom : Adam Equipment is a manufacturer of balances and scales for a range of applications and markets. From the Laboratory to industrial segments Adam produces quality balances and scales that are used all over the world. We operate in 5 locations : UK (head office), USA, South Africa, Australia and China. And from each of these locations we provide products and services designed to support the unique needs of each region. : What are the key criteria a cleanroom or lab manager should consider when purchasing a balance or scales?

Tom : As with any balance application, key to product selection is matching the balance capacity and readability to the samples being measured. Specific to cleanroom applications users should make sure the balance is easy to clean and maintain. In cases where large amounts of data must be collected, the balance should also include a computer interface to collect data remotely. : What should balance & scales purchasers look for to get good value for money?

Tom : Adam is all about value. Purchasers should expect a high level of product capabilities, reliability, and quality performance for the best price. That means the capacity and readability they need along with the necessary product features. : How do you believe Adam Equipments products compare on price with your competitors?

Tom : Adam balances and scales offer more product capability at a price significantly less than competitive brands. If you compare a particular Adam model to a similar competitive brand, it becomes clear that the Adam offers either more capacity or more product features at the same or lower price. : Do ergonomics play an important part in your product development?

Tom : When it comes to ergonomics we have to talk about balances that are easy to operate and maintain. Adam balances are designed with smooth contours, sealed keypads, and stainless steel weigh pans to facilitate easy cleaning. And operation is simple with our intuitive keypad and display designs. : Can you identify any new trends in the industry?

tom : One trend continues to persist. That is the need to process more samples faster and store the results. That’s why most Adam balances and scales include fast electronics and serial interfaces for computers or printers. This reduces human error and speeds the process tremendously. : Is Adam Equipment currently looking to grow its operations?

Tom : Adam Equipment is constantly growing; recently we expanded our UK warehouse facilities so that we can supply products to our customers quicker. And as we develop partnerships with our distribution network more and more countries have access to the Adam brand. : Will there be any new products released in 2010 from Adam Equipment?

Tom : Adam is continually updating our product offering. In 2010 our customers will see several new products for the laboratory as well as industrial applications. : Will we see Adam Equipment at any tradeshows this year?

Tom : Adam will be exhibiting at a number of shows this year. To name a few of the more well known laboratory shows: Pittcon 2010 (Orlando, USA), Anaytica(Germany), DicLab (Mexico), ACS (Boston,USA), ArabLab (Dubia).

Our thanks to Tom for taking the time to talk with Exclusives

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