Exclusives : Interview With Precision Quincy’s Marketing Manager Mike Koontz

precision quincy mike Exclusives talks to Precision Quincy Corp.’s Marketing Manager Mike Koontz. Mike Koontz joined Precision Quincy Corp. as their Marketing Manager in 2008, after having spent a number of years working for a vendor/supplier that Precision Quincy continues to work with to this day. Precision Quincy Corp. is based out of Woodstock IL and has been in business since 1943 producing a wide range of industrial process ovens that are used in many different industries throughout North America and Mexico. : Thanks Mike for taking the time to talk to Who is Precision Quincy and what do you do?

Mike : Precision Quincy Corp. is a long-time manufacturer of industrial process and specialty ovens (including laboratory ovens), which comprises a large part of what we do. We’ve been designing and manufacturing ovens since 1943 and we hang our hat on their high level of quality and reliability. : What should oven purchasers look for to get good value for money?

Mike :
Prior to making a decision on a new oven, purchasers should first do a little homework by deciding what temperature range their ideal oven would need to cover. Size of the work area would be another crucial area to consider before making your purchase. If there is much variety in the size of the parts to be placed into the oven, then you would be wise to take into account the maximum part size(s) that your oven would need to accommodate. If there is a model of oven that would handle the full gamut of your product size and also fit into your desired temperature range, then you are on the right path to getting good value towards your oven purchase. A phone call to your oven vendor’s sales department would also be wise, as there are many more areas of consideration than we can possibly cover in the scope of this conversation. : Does Precision Quincy have any new products in the pipeline?

Mike : Precision Quincy traditionally manufactures several lines of ‘standard’ ovens. However, based on the processing that is sometimes necessary for a sample or an end product, a standard oven will often need to be modified to include some non-standard options to help maximize oven performance and/or charting (recording) capabilities, thus it becomes a ‘custom’ oven. With so many options available, nearly every oven Precision Quincy builds is ‘new’ in some way. : How do you think Precision Quincy oven products compare on price with your competitors?

Mike : Precision Quincy has always taken great pride in delivering high quality products at a reasonable cost to our customers. There is more competition these days than there has ever been for the customers’ consideration, let alone their order. If you want to stay successful and competitive, you’ve really no choice but to be fair to the customer by giving them a quality product at a fair price. : What are the latest trends and developments in the oven market?

Mike : Ovens have developed somewhat in their complexity (and accuracy) in recent years, mainly by way of increased control and functionality as a result of digital options. Customers from many different industries will want and require any assortment of add-on features, all the way from digital data/chart recorders to vacuum manifolds and thermocouple jack panels. : What regions and markets are doing well for Precision Quincy?

Mike : The Pacific Northwest’s composites industry is a region and market that is quite active at the moment. The aerospace companies at the forefront of the composites industry out there rely quite heavily on the documentation of those processes used for curing composite materials. : Precision Quincy is exhibiting at the 2010 EASA Convention on the 27-29 June. What can visitors expect to see from Precision Quincy at the exhibition?

Mike : Precision Quincy will be featuring a truck oven design (model #74-500) that allows the end user to cart in (and out) a load of products/samples for processing. The truck oven makes loading and unloading products in and out of the oven a breeze. Like all of our ovens, this series has a number of additional options that can increase the functionality of your oven

Our thanks to Mike for taking the time to talk with Exclusives

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