Exclusives : Interview With ModuBuild’s Director Kevin Brennan

ModuBuild's Director Kevin Brennan

ModuBuild's Director Kevin Brennan Exclusives talks to ModuBuild’s Director Kevin Brennan. ModuBuild is a leading provider of high performance modular construction solutions and materials. : Thanks Kevin for taking the time to talk to When was Modubuild set up?

Kevin : Modubuild was set up about three years ago in 2007. We had been involved in the Cleanroom Design & Construction business for about 15 odd years and in later years we notices that more and more clients had greater requirements for high performance passive fire and explosion protection systems. We worked to develop a full range of high performance systems including fire rated flush glass partition systems, fire rated Cleanroom panels and blast resistant walls, ceilings and doors. We noticed that there were not many companies specialising in these types of systems so we decided to set-up Modubuild now provides a comprehensive service for those involved in the procurement, specification, construction and maintenance of a wide range of fire and blast protection applications. : So what would be your main product?

Kevin :
Our main product in the ModuBLAST barrier system. The ModuBLAST barrier system offers exceptional performance, we can achieve up to 240min (4 hr) and can provide up to 200kn/m² blast resistance. This system is light weight and modular in design so it can be installed very quickly into both new constructions and existing facilities without need for any structural alterations. We supply the system in Kit form so if required local labour can be used to install the system with minimal skill by following our simple instructions. Modubuild Engineers will visit the installation to inspect the works and certification of conformity will be issued upon completion. The Modublast system has been successfully installed into the most demanding environments such as petrochemical, tunnels, off shore oil & gas platforms and power-generation facilities. For Cleanroom & Gmp installations we offer the system with a fully flush finish in either coated steel or High Pressure laminate (HPL) so it will blend in with standard Cleanroom systems. : Do you have any other products that might interest our readers.

Kevin : Yes, we have many products such as fire and blast walls/Ceilings, doors, windows and furniture. We have recently launched a very exciting fire resistant glass wall system specifically for use in cleanrooms. The system can provide up to 120min (2 hour) fire resistance and unlike many traditional fire glass systems our system is totally frameless and offers both fire integrity and insulation. The system is fully smooth on both surfaces and the glass to glass abutments are achieved using a transparent silicone joint detail. Many clients use this system to provide viewing corridors along the perimeter of their cleanrooms where fire compartmentation is required. : Who would be the main clients for Modubuild products?

Kevin : At the moment our main clients are the in the pharmaceutical industry, the likes of Eli Lily, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Eirgen Pharma, Schering Plough all of the primary pharmaceutical plants have requirements for our products. Infrastructure is another busy area , we are currently installing blast barriers in Limerick tunnel and Dublin airport new terminal. : What are the advantages of the Modubuild systems over other blast protection systems?

Kevin : I guess the main advantage that we offer is that we are specialists in the area of fire and explosion protection. Other options that have been used would include traditional concrete block construction or even mass concrete constructions. The disadvantages with these methods is that often there is no one point of responsibility for certification; for example if a client hires a local construction company to build a 5kn/m²block wall who certifies it, is it the builder, or the block manufacturer or is it the company that manufactured the mortar. With our systems we leave nothing to chance, we have tested our systems with a full range of accessories such as doors, windows and service penetrations and we offer full in house and third party certification at the end of each installation. Our systems are also recognised by most major insurance firms such as FM Global.

Finally our system has been tested for fire and blast in different scenarios. Normally when you have an explosion it is followed by fire. There are some companies out there that will sell a blast wall and it will withstand a blast but after the blast it is no longer a fire rated wall. Our system has been tested for four hours fire and then an explosion and vice a versa and it has passed the test. That is something that a concrete wall will not. If you have an explosion the integrity of the wall will be cracked and then it is no longer a fire wall. : Has Modubuild been affected by the economic downturn?

Kevin : I think on the new build side things have definitely been affected by the downturn. A lot of the factories are not expanding as they used but where we see a market is in existing factories which will have to bring their safety equipment into line with current practices so retrofitting.

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