Exclusives : Interview With Kate Mulvana Of Single Use Surgical

Kate Mulvana, Export Manager for Single Use Surgical

Kate Mulvana, Export Manager for Single Use Surgical

Single_Use_Surgical Exclusives talks to Single Use Surgical’s Export Manager Kate Mulvana. Single Use Surgical are currently expanding into the Middle East health market, the initiative is lead by Kate, who will be attending the Arab Health exhibition in Dubai between 25-28 January. : What difficulties have you found breaking into the Middle East health market?

Kate : We manufacture and market single use instruments. Our products were born out of demand in the UK for clean alternatives to the equivalent reusable devices due to strong awareness of the risks of cross-infection through using unclean instruments. Certain market factors in Western Europe such as CJD (Mad Cow Disease), C-Difficile and MRSA have brought attention to the problem, leading to great concern for reducing Hospital Acquired Infection rates and also improved reporting of HAIs. The difficulty in breaking into the Middle Eastern market is educating the budget holders and end users of the benefits of switching to single use instruments to replace those that are difficult to clean, where there are fewer imposed cleanliness guidelines in place for decision makers and purchasers. : What is the general state of the Health industry market in the region?

Kate : Despite the recent economic recession there is high level investment in the medical sector in the Middle East. There is growing affluence across the area and a focus on investment in healthcare provision most notable by the Saudi government, where there are new hospital builds and a surge in private sector provision. : Which products are you hoping will be a hit in the Middle Eastern market?

Kate : We are focused on promoting our single use suction tube product range to the Middle Eastern market. We have over 60 different specifications of fine lumen instruments which are used in several surgical areas including Neurosurgery, ENT and General Surgery. They are designed to replace the traditional reusable suction handles which are difficult to clean and present a risk of cross-infection to patients. Single use suction handles are clean, convenient and guaranteed sterile. : How is selling in the Middle East Health market different to the European market?

Kate : Aside from the differences in documentation and administration requirements for export, I find that the vast cultural differences between Europe and the Middle East are often cited as a barrier to doing business. As a woman I am aware that there may be problems in dealing with men from some Middle Eastern countries due to their different values. I understand that business relationships must be developed over time and require the building of trust and respect which I think is true of every distributor relationship anyway. : has a good Middle Eastern following. How can potential Middle East business partners get in touch with you and Single Use Surgical?

Kate : Companies interested in our products can contact me at and arrange to meet me at Arab Health 6H10 or visit our website : You are displaying at Arab Health in Dubai. What can visitors expect to see if they drop by your stand?

Kate : At Arab Health we will be showcasing our suction tube ranges for ENT and Neurosurgery as well as displaying our Gynaecology fine lumen instruments.

Kate joined Single Use Surgical in 2006 as a sales manager in the UK gaining valuable experience of selling Single Use products to the NHS and private market. Having managed the export department for 3 and a half years, Kate developed distributor relationships across Europe and the rest of the World, providing training and support and attending healthcare exhibitions across the globe. Kate has fantastic experiences of meeting and working with people of diverse cultures and look forward to taking our innovative product to new markets in the future.

Our thanks to Kate for taking the time to talk with Exclusives

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