Exclusives : Interview With Jenessco Industries’ President Nathanael Essissima

Jenessco Industries' President Nathanael Essissima

Jenessco Industries' President Nathanael Essissima Exclusives talks to Jenessco Industries’ President Nathanael Essissima. Mr. Essissima  is responsible for the creation and development of the Butadyl® glove. Mr. Essissima business is headquartered in Houston, Texas : Thanks Mr. Essissima for taking the time to talk to What are the main products that Jenessco produces?

Mr. Essissima : Jenessco is the world’s largest manufacturer of sandblast cabinet gloves. We offer the widest selection of styles.

We also manufacture drybox/isolator gloves and sleeves made with Butadyl®. : In the 34 years that Jenessco has been in business how have your products evolved?

Mr. Essissima :
Jenessco was approached by isolator manufacturers who were dissatisfied with traditional gloves made of; Neoprene, Butyl, and Hypalon.

Ten years ago Jenessco introduced Butadyl® isolator gloves /sleeves to address the ever changing needs of isolator work.

Butadyl® is a modified carboxylated acrylonitrile butadiene polymer. Additional polymers are included to reach our unique formula. The result is a static dissipative glove with increased bending ability, tear strength, and chemical resistance. Our gloves also have proven compatibility with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP). : What is your most popular product?

Mr. Essissima : Butadyl® gloves/sleeves have become our most popular product. Butadyl® is the first and only isolator glove ever tested for cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs. The results showed the uncanny ability of Butadyl® to resist these highly toxic chemicals. We are very proud to thereby participate actively in the fight against cancer. Many users now rely on Butadyl® for increased protection and enhanced productivity. : Is Jenessco an international company?

Mr. Essissima : Yes, Jenessco’s products are sold all over the world. For the European market, our gloves/sleeve meet or exceed local standards. Our gloves easily passed the CE Mark tests. Therefore, European users have the assurance of conformity to CE standards. : Is there any specific countries that are doing really well for you at the moment?

Mr. Essissima : The Italians have very stringent rules with regards to isolator equipment, and protective gloves. For the moment our largest share of exports is to Italy. : Who uses your gloves?

Mr. Essissima : Butadyl is gaining more popularity because the glove can be used in various glove box applications. Butadyl is used by the following: Research and Development, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Oil & Gas, hospital pharmacies, and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Our thanks to Nathanael Essissima for taking the time to talk with Exclusives

And a special thanks to Felix Essissima for his help with the interview.

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