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Jason Keeley : Founder of Exclusives talks to’s founder Jason Keeley. Jason worked in the Colorado biotech industry for several years before founding, which supplies sticky mats to biotech, aerospace, and many other cleanroom industries across the US and Canada. : Thanks Jason for taking the time to talk to Why should people visit your new website?

Jason : The website offers 5 new sizes of mats, each in two different colors. The ordering process has also been simplified by way of a new shopping cart system. We specialize in cleanroom sticky mats, so customers will find it very easy to find and order what they’re looking for. : Have you had much feedback since launching the new website?

Jason : While I have not received much feedback by way of email, the number of orders is up by about 20% since the launch, so people seem to like what they see in the new site. : What is your most popular product?

Jason : The 24 x 36 sticky mat is the most commonly ordered sticky mat size. Typically our products are used as cleanroom entrance mats, and the 24 x 36 seems to fit this need very well. Other sizes work well for larger doorway entrances and other uses. : How can the tacky mats be changed to suit the specific requirements of a particular client?

Jason : We offer six sizes of mats. This large variety seems to suit our customers well. We sell to companies in a wide range of industries including electronics, pharmaceutical, biotech, aerospace, food processing, and construction. We also have a fair number of customers who buy for residential uses. : Can you describe the new colours and patterns that you are working on?

Jason : Right now we offer white and blue colors. Soon we’ll be adding green and gray colors in each size. Later this year we hope to introduce a line of other supplies including sticky rollers and cleanroom wipes. : When will these new products be available?

Jason : Look for the new colors and supplies around June or July. : How have you adapted to remain competitive in the tough economic climate that we have at present?

Jason : Actually we do deliver to Canada as well as the US now. We don’t currently have any plans to broaden out delivery range.

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