Exclusives : Interview With Bernard Bijaoui & Marina Cassin Of ADS Laminaire

ADS Laminaire's CEO Bernard Bijaoui and US Representative, Marina Cassin

ADS Laminaire's CEO Bernard Bijaoui and US Representative, Marina Cassin

ADS_Laminaire Exclusives talks to ADS Laminaire’s CEO Bernard Bijaoui and US Representative, Marina Cassin. : Thanks Bernard & Marina for talking to us at Exclusives. Can you give us a brief overview of what ADS Laminaire are all about?

Bernard & Marina : ADS Laminaire is a French company based next to Paris in France since 1968. Our company is specialized in the manufacture of air cleaning equipment like Laminar flow hoods class I, II and III, clean rooms, containment booth, air showers and Hepa filters. We have 2 plants: one in France and another one in Israel and since January 2009 Marina is in  charge of our representative office in Chicago. : ADS Laminaire will exhibit at PITTCON in Orlando from March 1 to 4, what can visitors expect at your booth?

Bernard & Marina : The visitors will have the possibility to discover, for the second time, ADS laminaire at the Pittcon show. Like last year we will have some material at our booth and we will be able to present and explain to our visitors the advantages of the ADS Laminaire products. Our engineers work on the development of new products which are more practical and easy to use for the customer with the same or even better protection than before. : ADS Laminaire opened a new office in Chicago in January 2009 to reach the North American market. How has the investment worked out?

Bernard & Marina : ADS laminaire has more than 40 years experience in the laminar flow market. We are known as a leader in France, in Israel and in a lot of European countries. The US market is a big challenge for our company and we know our background in different markets is our force. We are aware of the competition here in the USA but we are coming first with our experience and with new products, like our biological safety cabinet (the BIO II), which is the most compact biological safety cabinet in the world. We  already have a distributor in Georgia, Airflotek and are in negotiation with others. We are really optimistic for the success of ADS Laminaire in the USA. : Your lastest generation of biological safety cabinets, the BIO II has the ECM technology. What is ECM technology and how do you use it in your products?

Bernard & Marina : Firstly, ECM means Electronically Commutated Motor. All our equipment have smart motors which maintain permanently the flow of the hood. The measurements are internal and don’t depend on external measuring instruments. It assures you a secure hood with permanent sterilized environment and in case of malfunctions, a visual and high-sounding alarm advised the user. Furthermore the motors are DC motors and use 40% less energy than typical AC motors. : ADS manufactures its own HEPA filters through the Flow Air Filters brand. What advantages does this bring for ADS Laminaire when developing products?

Bernard & Marina : To be able to provide our own filter gives us the possibility to control each step of the production. The quality of the Hepa filter gurantees the sterility of the working area in the hood and the security of the user. Furthermore to be able to design and provide our own filters give us more flexibility for the design of our own hoods. The Flow Air Filters brand propose a various range of Hepa filters either for the ADS Laminaire products but for our competitors products too. In fact our hoods filters have standard sizes and are compatible with all the filters brands. : ADS also manufactures and builds cleanrooms. What is your opinion on the current state of this market?

Bernard & Marina : In France the industrial solutions of clean room projects and non standard material represent 60% of our sales. In the USA it will be not our main activity for the moment but we are able to provide all the component for the construction of a clean room: Tbar system, clean room structure and the Fan Filter Units. We are always looking for clean room manufacturers who would be interested to find new suppliers. : ADS Laminaire sells to many different markets, pharmaceutical, hospitals, biotech, electronics, military etc. Which markets have been most resiliant in the global downturn?

Bernard & Marina : It is really hard to say which one of those fields resist better during the crisis. Our clients are so diversified than for us even if one field is a problem we will focus on another one. What I can say is most of the big projects for the major companies have been delayed and are replanned for 2010. We focused on the standard product sales and less on the industrial projects. Concerning the US market, my customers are principally the distributors and not the end customers. Our goal this year was to find new partnerships in the USA either for the hoods and clean rooms, more so than for the filters. : Aside from PITTCON will ADS Laminaire be displaying at other trade shows or exhibitions?

Bernard & Marina : We had a booth at the last two AHR show with our brand of filters Flow Air Filters and we are participating in many shows in Europe and in Israel: Isranalytica in Israel, Interclima and Forum Labo in France. With our presence now in the USA, we will be able to participate to much more shows in the North American market in the future.

Our thanks to Bernard and Marina for taking the time to talk with Exclusives

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